How to become a mentor

Decided to explore becoming a PROMISEworks mentor?

Here’s how it works: Download an application pack by clicking here and here, or call us on 0300 3651 900 to request a pack in the post. Once we have received your completed pack, a member of staff will call you to arrange to meet up, this gives us a chance to talk through the scheme in as much detail as we can to make sure it is the right volunteering opportunity for you.

Next you will attend one of our training courses. They are run over 4 days, usually 2 Fridays and 2 Saturdays, venues vary but are generally fairly central within the county. Please click on our Events page here to download the latest dates.

Occasionally during the training, a volunteer may decide not to complete the course, or sometimes we may have a concern about an individual’s suitability to mentor. This is a recognised part of the recruitment process and will be handled with professionalism.

Please see the following short film showing feedback from  the training

Once you have finished the training we will give you a form to take away and complete, designed to help us with matching you to a young person. We will make an appointment to come and talk through the form with you, usually at home and it is at this stage that we complete all the paperwork for you to begin your mentoring.

We try and match you as soon as we can after the training, but we are dealing with young people and families who often have quite chaotic lives so sometimes this process takes a little longer.