Mentions, money & mentors

Small Charity Week is upon us and as a Case-Holder I would like to highlight the three ways you can help our charity.

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Since I started 8 months ago as a Case-Holder, some people approach me feeling guilty that they can’t help the charity because they cannot become a mentor. My response is that you can always help in a small way, such as talking about us. We will not be offended if you talk about us behind our backs: please do, and even better still, do it with a digital megaphone on. Spread our joy and the brilliant work we do on social media! Did you know it helps our posts get seen even more on Facebook, even if you react to it with a ‘like,’ or ‘love’? If it isn’t reacted to, Facebook will think no one cares and will make it be seen less. 


As a Somerset charity we rely on fundraising to keep us going.  Did you know it costs roughly £2000 a year to mentor a young person for PROMISEworks? Sounds like a lot, but when you remember we facilitate 4 days of training, plan for a £40 monthly budget for mentors to spend with young people and on mileage - it soon all adds up. Unfortunately, we have lost out on money during the Coronavirus pandemic and we believe that the need for mentors is going to increase even more once all the children are allowed to go back to school. 

Without funds we can’t help all the young people on our waiting list. We have a new website which has a fantastic ‘donate’ button on every page, so if you’re planning a fundraising event, people can donate through the website or even through our Facebook page – it’s never been easier. 


Finally, mentors: without them we wouldn’t exist. To be a mentor you need to commit to two years of mentoring a young person, and see your young person either every week or 2 weeks for 2-3 hours. The four days of training for mentoring are also compulsory. For a child or young person to feel connected, build up trust and feel safe the commitment of 2 years is essential. You need to be 21 or over and we will need to complete an enhanced DBS check. Personalities, gender and interests are varied in our mentors. 

If you are interested, but still have some questions, please get in touch and we will give you as much info as we can.

You can call us on 0300 365 1900 or email us at

Christell Charles

Published: 19th Jun 2020

There are so many ways you can support us