PROMISEworks & Covid-19

During these unprecedented times, PROMISEworks has been forced to take the decision to suspend further matching of mentors and mentees until the Coronavirus emergency is behind us and we can be assured of everyone’s safety. 

Until normal service can resume, we are acutely aware that our mentees need continued support.  Therefore, all staff and volunteers are focusing upon the support of our existing relationships, ensuring that we will be able to redouble our efforts once Covid-19 restrictions are lessened or lifted.  Given the necessary restrictions of face-to-face meetings, we are constantly investigating new ways to keep our mentors in touch with their young friends.  Throughout this difficult time, our focus remains upon the safeguarding and well-being of all concerned.

The families supported by PROMISEworks mentoring are highly likely to be those hardest hit by this period of isolation and social distancing.  Many were already suffering the effects of social exclusion and disconnection from their communities.  Their situations are complicated by mental health problems, substance misuse, offending behaviour and poor engagement with education.   PROMISEworks remains committed to supporting as many children and young people in these vulnerable situations as we can – both over the coming difficult months and in the years that will follow, when the legacy of Covid-19 will still be all too evident. 

To complete this vital work, we need your support.