We all have times when we wish someone would jump in and help us with a tricky parenting issue – this is not what PROMISEworks mentors do.

We would all like a couple of hours every week to ourselves without child/children safely occupied elsewhere – this is not what PROMISEworks mentors do.

My child has a diagnosis of … ASD/ADHD/ODD/Anxiety – this does not automatically mean mentoring is the best support available.

www.somersetchoices.org.uk is a great place to look for other organisations who may match your needs more closely.

Mentoring is not something that can be “done to” a child or young person, we need them to want to take part, we can encourage them but we need you to have had a conversation with them first to see if they think it is something they would be prepared to do, just because you think it is a good idea doesn’t mean they will.

Please never “Promise” your child a mentor, we always have a waiting list and must prioritise young people according to need.

Perhaps read some of the case studies on here to see what other young people have said about having a mentor, this may help you explain the idea to your child.

If you are still unsure you can give us a call on 0300 3651 900 or contact us through our Facebook page @promiseworks  or email [email protected]