PROMISEworks began the delivery of its own mentoring service in April 2017.

The charity recruits, trains and supervises local volunteers who provide long term mentoring support to some of Somerset’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.

Prior to the launch of its own mentoring service, PROMISEworks had operated as a fundraiser, supporting the expenses of volunteer mentors working for the County Council. 

In 2016, changes in that mentoring programme were announced.  A small group of mentors and friends recognised that these changes would deprive some children of the invaluable, life-changing support of a mentor, particularly those on the edge of care and care leavers.  This group approached the trustees of PROMISEworks with a proposal to develop their own service under the charity’s banner.  After a period of careful planning and transition, that team took over the running of the charity and the PROMISEworks mentoring service was born.

In its first four years, over 300 referrals have been received from a wide variety of local agencies.  More than 150 of these vulnerable children and young people have been carefully matched with one of our 100+ trained mentors.

Throughout, our mentors have been supported by our professional Case Holders.  The original team of three part-timers has grown to four full time and two part time members of staff.

In four years, the trustees, staff, mentors and fundraisers have raised over £750,000 in cash and pledges of financial support.  With an average cost per relationship of £2,000, continued growth in fundraising is vital – to guarantee the service for those young people already supported as well as address the need for further expansion of the service across Somerset.

Our successful development has received several plaudits.  Most recently, PROMISEworks has been selected as a finalist in the Somerset Business Awards, the winners of which will be announced at the end of March 2021.

Use this link to read “Our First Three Years” – the PROMISEworks story so far, published in Summer 2020.

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