Finance and Admin Manager

Sonja has joined PROMISEworks very recently and has heaps of enthusiasm for keeping the administration and finance function as effective as possible.  Having lived in northern Scotland for many years, and being an Administrator in a primary school there, she learnt that when dealing with vulnerable groups and young people, it is essential to have robust processes in place to protect them and those around them.

Having worked with volunteers in the past, Sonja enjoyed her time both volunteering and working for the Chalice Well Trust, a charity acting as steward for a well set in a beautiful garden in Glastonbury. It was there that she realised how very important the volunteering sector is for charities and brings that knowledge to PROMISEworks for our volunteers who are the backbone of our cause. And being a charity, it is essential to keep a keen eye on expenses and finances.  Sonja is looking forward to using recently developed AAT skills to utilise those vital funds raised by our dedicated fundraising volunteers, in the best way possible.