What do you need to become a mentor?

A little time...

Our training course is essential to equip you with the skills and knowledge you will need to go on to mentor. The course is 4 days, usually 2 week days and 2 Saturdays, held in various parts of the county. Once you have completed the training you need to be able to spare 2-3 hours either weekly or fortnightly to meet with your young person.

The big questions we ask all prospective mentors to think about is can you commit to a relationship with a young person that will last 2 years? PROMISEworks mentoring is an “Attachment Theory” based model, you will find lots more information about attachment both here on the website and during the training course, in a nutshell we are trying to help a young person reassess how they form relationships and where they fit into their world and you can’t do that overnight!

Of course, you can still have holidays, some of our mentors are away for a month at a time, there are lots of ways you can stay in touch with your mentee.

If you are keen to mentor but know that you cannot commit to 2 years, please do still have a conversation with us… it may be that a young person has been referred to us that needs some slightly different support over a shorter period.

A little life-experience

There is no upper age limit to who can train to be a mentor, we rarely train anyone under the age of 21 for a number of reasons, the 2-year commitment mentioned above is one of them. But we have trained a number of volunteers in their early 20’s who have gone on to become outstanding mentors.

You don’t need to have a tough childhood yourself to mentor, nor do you need to have had a perfect upbringing and been a top scholar, the normal highs and lows that most of us encounter during our lives are the shared experience amongst most of our volunteers.


What about a criminal record?

Having a criminal conviction does not necessarily mean you cannot mentor – not disclosing one to us will rule you out automatically.

You will have to agree to a full enhanced DBS Check (no charge to you).


My own transport?

Well getting about in Somerset on public transport is a challenge, but if you feel able to do it then it is a useful skill to teach a young person, so no, you do not have to have your own transport but it would definitely be a bonus.